Wedding day

Planning your timeline

We often have couples asking us for recommendations when it comes to planning their day.  This is purely an example of what we’ve found works over the past years of shooting weddings, but please customise your wedding day to suit you.

If you have any questions or would like to go over ideas, please don’t ever hesitate to email or call us.  We’re always happy to help.


Bride’s Preparations & Details


Your hair and makeup artist will recommend start times for this, but we ask for around 2 hours to photograph your details (like shoes, dress, jewelry) and getting ready up to the point of getting into your dress.

During this time we look to photograph you getting the finishing touches of your makeup and hair, hanging out with your bridesmaids and family, receiving your flowers, popping champagne and so on.  A couple of things that can be nice to photograph is giving your bridesmaids a gift, maybe sending a small gift or letter to your groom and receiving one. Also keeping Dad away until you’re ready to head to the ceremony – to do a reveal to him – creates a nice moment.

We also ask to have the dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers, perfume, invites and any other details that are special to you, ready so we can photograph them first.

Bride into her Dress

We recommend planning this for around 45 minutes before you need to leave (especially for lace up dresses), giving you time to do any last details, touch ups and get everything ready to go.


Groom’s Preparations & Details


We ask for an hour to photograph groom’s details and getting ready.

At this time we ask to have the suits, shoes, cufflinks, rings, aftershave and or any other special details out so we can photograph them first. Then for you and your groomsmen to be showered and ready to jump into your suits. Then once we’ve photographed the details, we’ll get you guys to put your pants and shirts on then help each out with collars, ties, cufflinks and finishing touches. A couple of things that can be nice to photograph is giving your groomsmen a small gift, maybe sending a small gift or letter to your bride and receiving one. Also let us know if you’re planning to do anything in the morning – some groomsmen play golf, go shooting or maybe head to a barber shop – this can make for great photos so we’d love to come along. Its part of your wedding day story after all!


Ceremony and Photos


We recommend at least 3 hours from the start of your ceremony until you enter the reception (this doesn’t include travel time, so if you have 30 minutes of driving between venues or photo locations, please add this on top of the 3 hours). If you’re wanting to have your bridal photos before the ceremony, it will be the same amount of time, just a change in order.


30 minutes

Congrats & Champagne

15 minutes

This a chance for family and friends to come up to say hello and congratulations

Group photo

10 minutes

Formal photos

30 minutes

Based off 10 photos, add roughly 15 minutes per 5 extra photos

Bridal Photos

90 minutes

We ask for 90 minutes so we don’t have to rush you, this will be one of the only times you will be alone as a bridal party, so we want you to be able to relax and enjoy this time as well as having photos.

Don’t forget to organise some lunch for you and your bridal party for this time too.




When planning your reception timing, just make sure you have your speeches, cake cut and first dance within your 10 hours of photography time

The most common order for the reception is:

MC housekeeping and introductions > Dinner served > Speeches > Cake cut > Dessert Served > First Dance > Open Dance Floor


Sunset photos


Depending on the time of year and when sunset is – will take about 15 minutes.

Just the two of you during the best light of the day, great for photos but also gives you a chance to be alone and take a breather.