We're Arie & Tash, photographers, husband and wife as well as mama and papa to our two kiddos. We're wedding and lifestyle photographers based in little old Hamilton, who travel place to place capturing special moments in your life. Arie is the quiet creative type, while Tash is the organised people person. We work with each other day in and day out so we know exactly what each other is doing or needs in a photography setting. That's the married couple bonus! Photography is a dream come true for us and lets our creative nature breathe. We feel so very lucky that we get invited into your world to document all of the little moments so that they become something you have forever. Our photography is less about how your love looks and more about how your love feels.

Arie stokes

Makes a perfect coffee

Loves film photography

Has been photographing faces since '09

He's got a quick wit and is quietly funny & his death row meal would be a Big Mac

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Tash stokes

Loves being at home and making it look pretty

Loves everything about capturing families

Has been snapping smiles since '14

Dream day would be spent in bed napping & her death row meal would be her dads Thai chicken curry

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